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December 30, 2010


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2010 was indeed a great year for COSPLAY

Here are the amazing works that stunned the year 2010 with a blast!:onfire:

:target: Cosplay / Costumery

:thumb170429946: Hizaki: Transient Beauty by general-kuroru Judgement by mingswly Inspiration by Lady-I-Hellsing Second Child - I by baby-ruby Children of Evangelion by MapleBunnie Amatsuki: Our Reality by GianMarqu Shiva Sisters - Styria Nix II by the-mirror-melts The Duchess of Milan by xXAnemonaXx Blue and pink by KamuiCosplay Esther Blanchett. The Queen. by MrsGnob The Icy Warrior II by pinkyluxun Dark Love by Rasmirin Fantasy in eyes -Luka Vocaloid by satomisato Varia : XS by enchantingnocturne VOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII by ChinkyAiko SR Thinking of Karasuma by jaRoukaSama How Tsunade Got Her Body by chenmeicai My Awakening by rieyn :thumb178144175: Tommorrow, will be here. by blacklashjo Nightmare Dream Eater I by sakana E N D L E S S by k-iricos Little Miss Innocent by the-sushi-monster James by Kifir My pokemon by Ryoko-demon Versailles: Golden bird by Astarohime Le Blanc 10 by diacita Lilith Trinity Blood by auntLilith bloody saya by dadailynn Dissidia: Double Chaos by elventide Ranka Lee: Kira by n1k3 East and West by noishouse Cosplay - The Scheme by Golden-feline JBF: Paper planes tell me why by elpheal 17h56m36,7s by PlasticFreak Angewomon -Digimon Adventure by JuTsukinoOfficial Drink of Immortality by vickybunnyangel Hetalia : Ivan Braginski by naokunn InsaneBlackRockShooter6 by yukigodbless fetters of blood by sara1789 :thumb190497048: Calamity Jane by WeissEpilog Aerith: Eternal lullaby by Narga-Lifestream Ayanami Rei : Bandaged by pinkyluxun Just be friend by rayrinaruth Title pending - 2 by ImMuze :thumb170357298: golden dragon by ShanHuang The Fantasy of Luoyang II by ShanHuang Mr.ButterflyV by ShanHuang :thumb169243381: Merry Christmas Vocaloid 2 by woodwood11 Sasagawa Ryohei - Now or never by xXPretenderXx miku by blue-star28 MC Ranka  Aimo by lacuslidy SCIV Siegfried- Crystal Knight by AmenoKitarou Castlevania - Succubus 2 by adelhaid Trinity Blood ROM by Wasabipocky Star Ocean 4 - Arumat by KashinoRei Lady Phantomhive by paine-angel Queen Amidala Cosplay by hazel-velas Xerxes Break by enchantingnocturne KHR: Xanxus by enchantingnocturne Queen of Hearts Steam Punk by enchantingnocturne Meltdown ::01 by Cvy Oerba Dia Vanille: Exile by Astellecia :thumb167585267: KHR :: The Other Me by aruki Axis Powers Hetalia: Hungary by monsoonlotus 01::JustBeFriends by kaylin77 DMC: Alexander Jagi III 3 by wildquaker SPICE: Tonight After Midnight by silverharmony -land of the pyreflies- by lethargic-angel you n me and a choclate bar by bluevis Boom Boom Pow by bluevis ID: MF - bunny by xrysx Empress Seth Nightroad 2 by Atra-in-wonderland Trigun Vash by 0hagaren0 IBRSpreview by yukigodbless Squall Leonhart by miyavihoney let's dream, once again by dreamhunter707 Madam Red: The Bloody Lady by darkdiety HOTD: Rei Miyamoto III by Hikaru-Jan FFVIII: Find your way by Kynkyn Malice Mizer - Mana 5 by Mana-himeI AiW Steampunk :: Caterpillar by Reiyu-verse Meiko_angel of music by hybridre JBF_Luka Megurine by hybridre Vocaloid: VN02 - TWO by hexlord peek a boo by ohjimmyboy Desert Priest by bluevis Guns Guns Guns Guns by jactinglim Dynasty Bow Master III by pinkyluxun aPreviwCosplayBelethOfLineage2 by yukigodbless Shall I sing for you? by LennethXVII Code Geass: The Majesty by Green-Makakas Stocking in ACTION by Ototsuki Ikiteitte ureshi? by FedericaDN TB_Count of Fortune by SoranoSuzu Vash The Stampede Cosplay 4 by Elffi Sheryl Nome:Set the sky ablaze by Astellecia :thumb188331887: Hagane 01 : Gakupo by Jesuke I will realize your wish::::: by Witchiko Hell girls are so severe... by Alexia-coswave FSS - Come Away With Me by mintochuu Irvine Kinneas, FF8 by mrkittycosplay Suzaku and Euphemia by LALAax Megumi from kenshin by yoko-hirosima Blazblue : Oriental Flower by yingtze :thumb188325022: Castlevania - Succubus 2 by adelhaid Vocaloid cosplay : Ruki Ver.2 by yuegene Code Geass - Zero Sanctuary by mangalphantom Oz Vessalius: The Lost Memory by dearttolife Vampire Lady by Hakuren-Naoki setsugetsuka 2 by KureyaKuroshida Dark Key by jas69per Trigun: Ex-Priest by christie-cosplay edward-elric by bai917 sisters by yukintoshimi Kurohime by yoru0704 FFX-2 by Akusesu Dark side of the moon - 1 by missdeliri - xXxHoLic : Peacock - by Lina-Lau Comic Fiesta 10' Day 1 - STR by lavena-lav Waiting for the enemy by Anduriill Asuka Langley : Red Ribbon by pinkyluxun KHR :: The Other Me by aruki Ame-Comi Wonder Woman Portrait by yayacosplay Mirka Fortuna- Empress by hiyuki

:target: Tutorials
Abel Scythe Krusnik by alsquall Rasler Armor by AuroraWienhold KH2 - Sora's Wig by Kynkyn New Gunblade by alsquall Jessie wig tutorial by Ryoko-demon Vash's Gun 1: Finished by naturally-morbid

:target: Cosplay Photography
Vocaloid Miki - Space Song by kirawinter Vocaloid: Megurine Luka by z3LLLL Zero - Entangled by ayafreya Kr W: Looking for clues by nikocruz Magnet: Forbidden Love by zerartul Insomania 2010 event: Mikage by sirtravisFlying on the Wings of Steam by kenjiko RG Veda - The Sixth Star by fiathriel Vocaloid: VN02 - TWO by hexlord Ciel Phantomhive-Kuroshitsuji by kirawinter BLOOD+_Violent Vampires by hybridre Black Rock Shooter Cosplay I by ValeforHo Fire on my command... by songster69 Rose Whip by macross-n  Narukami Han no Hime by CatoKusanagi
Trinity Blood Lilith by Ashitaro Wrath by swift-wing Konata-Should I be in school? by JulianaSoo Dark Royalty by shiroin Final Fantas X-2 by qcamera :thumb182740019: :thumb187288127: World End Dancehall by ImMuze mirrors edge by abbottw Miku's practice session by vaxzone Undead by Reki-Konran  Vocaloid - Snow Miku by Xeno-Photography   AFAX :: One Winged Angel by aruki Sergei Dragunov by moonkilled

:target: Group Cosplay

Trinity Blood CF10 Day2 by Hukoyee

The Royal Red ::11 by Cvy with AiW Steampunk :: Caterpillar by Reiyu-verseSteampunk-ed Alice:The Duchess by amaegariSteampunk AiW: March Hare 02 by XiaoBai

:target: Mechas
New Transformers Costume 2 by orudorumagi11 Transformer by Anne-annie-annet Ironman 2 by izabelcortez Touchdown by izabelcortez Warmachine cosplay by Sandman-AC RED ZAKU COSPLAY by AceroTiburon 00 Gundam - on the Stage by Clivelee Loading... by FedericaDN MS-05L Zaku - Sniper Custom by eva-guy01 Master Le at SDCC 2010 MKV 6 by Masterle247 Transformer Bumblebee by deviouselite Gundam F91 by sedra60

So many amazing and great cosplays for this year! I just wish I could post all the awesome cosplays I see but I have to choose. Thanks to all the people who gave their suggestions too. :D I hope you guys liked it and more cosplays for 2011!! :woohoo:

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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AyrielDarkmoon Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
someday i'll be there ;O; :heart:
Ai-Kiren Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Great feature! One of my friend's work is there :meow: I'm so glad for him!
izabelcortez Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist
thanks. :)
baby-ruby Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
omg.. im slow to check DA nowadays.. >.< thanks for the feature!!
bai917 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the feature!
And a Happy New Year to you!!
Alexia-coswave Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
OOO! Such a great news to be among those wonderfull cosplayers!
Thanks a lot!!!
DjSidux Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011
Wow, extremely great cosplays! All deserve their features. So much work was put in all these costumes :meow:
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Hukoyee Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011  Student
Thankyou so much=D
eva-guy01 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ey thanks for featuring me in your collection of your favorite cosplays for 2010. :D Honored!
marizreyes Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Mechas are bad-ass! I hope I could see your Zaku one of these days! :D
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